Introducing Andre’ Barbieri

André Barbieri is from Brazil, and he’s been in the US for 7 years. Since the injury that cost him his left leg, he has developed a passion for triathlons besides his beloved surfing. In 2011, Andre fell victim to a snowboarding accident that culminated in the amputation of his left leg. Andre suffered a compound fracture to his femur that severed his femoral artery, tore the nerves and veins in his leg, and he nearly died after losing a lot of blood. As a member of Team PossAbilities, Andre has worked with prosthetists at Loma Linda University Medical Center to develop a cycling leg and a running leg that will allow him to train and compete in paratriathlon events.

Andre’ and I have been working together now for two years in preparation for the 2016 Olympic games being held in Rio de Janeiro. Andre’ will be representing Brazil his homeland federation.
Loma Linda Hospital PossAbilities program has been instrumental in his success to date by supplying Andre’ with the equipment, fitting and mentoring. Without their generosity athletes like Andre’ wouldn’t have an opportunity to fulfill this enormous challenge. 
My hope is that you will visit my coaching page every few weeks and watch Andre’s progress as he trains for the required event in 2015: I will be posting his power results on the bike and his running progression.
Posted Racing schedule of 2015
February 8th Brazil
March 13th Australia ITU Paratriathlon Sunshine Coast
May 2nd PanAmerican Games Monterey, Mexico
May 10th Spain*
May 30 London*
June 7th France*
August 1-2 Rio de Janeiro World triathlon
September 5th Edmonton, Canada*
September 15-20 Chicago ITU Worlds Paratriathlon*
*partial list to be finalized